Studio News 2021

Hi Everyone,
I hope you had a lovely Christmas and wishing you all an incredibly Happy & Healthy New Year.
As you know the studio building has been for sale for almost three years. I have accepted an offer. There were many hoops to go through and a couple more remain. The final hoop is city approval which is not due to council until January 18th. So, I will not know until then if the building is actually sold. If everything goes to plan, I will have to be out on January 28th.
Due to the circumstances above, I have decided not to have any dance classes during the month of January. As you can imagine, I have a busy month ahead and 45 years of “stuff” to be removed or sold from the building.
My plan is to look for another location and hopefully start in February. I have not begun this search yet but will do so now that Christmas is over. After all these years, I still enjoy teaching class, but would like to do so on a smaller schedule. I may not be able to provide the same evening and time slot as before pending availability of a new location and student interest.
If the sale should fail, I will carry on at 27 Mayor Avenue, same as before with some changes.
I also plan to continue with the Dinner & Dances as soon we are safe to do so. I look forward when I can see the many students I have not seen since March of 2020. I cannot wait till all of us can dance and hug each other again.
I shall start my search for a new location and will provide details as soon as they become available.
So sorry for the inconvenience and short notice. I am hoping to see most of you sometime/ somewhere in February.
Thank you for your understanding & patience.