In Ballroom dancing, Jive is a dance style in 4/4 time that originated in the United States from African-Americans in the early 1940s. It is a lively and uninhibited variation of the Jitterbug, a form of Swing dance.

The Stationary Hand Jive – Checklist to the perfect SJH: F – Face. The face must be emotionless. A – Arms. The arms must be the only part of the body to move. S – Stationary. The rest of the body must be totally still. T – Tertiary attributes. There must be no other sounds or movements.

Jive is one of the five International Latin dances. In competition it is danced at a speed of 44 bars per minute, although in some cases this is reduced to between 32 and 40 bars per minute.

Many of its basic patterns are similar to these of the East Coast Swing with the major difference of highly syncopated rhythm of the Triple Steps (Chasses), which use straight eighths in ECS and hard swing in Jive.

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